Adhisthana at Sunset

Money Awakening

On Wed, 11 March, 2015 - 12:29
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Led by Amalavajra and Vajragupta

Start Date: 3rd Apr 2015 6.30pm
End Date: 5th Apr 2015 3pm

£70 (Waged/Supported)
£50 (Unwaged/Unsupported)

This retreat is suitable for all who have experience of Triratna meditation practices.

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Is money the last taboo – the topic we don’t like to talk about, the area of our lives in which all sorts of emotions and attitudes lie unexamined? Well, this is a weekend all about money! Amalavajra gave up a lucrative career in the City of London to become a fundraiser for the Karuna Trust, and he still fundraises for Triratna projects. This weekend will be relevant to anyone working in Triratna involved in finance, dana economies, or fundraising, but also anyone who wants more awareness of money as a force in our lives and Dharma practice, and who wants to turn poverty mentality into abundance.

Amalavajra says: “The aim of the weekend will be to get real about money – both in terms of objectively how much we really have and need, and subjectively in terms of our underlying attitudes and beliefs about money. What people often find is that our relationship to money mirrors our relationship to life. On the weekend we’ll also be able to form intentions about how we want to live in relation to money. This will help us personally, but also be of benefit if we are involved in raising money or using money for Dharma work.”
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