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On Mon, 17 January, 2022 - 17:09
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Join us for a six-month season of events exploring the nature of mind, including neuroscience, Buddhist thought, and psychology.  The project culminates in an in-person and online retreat at Adhisthana (August 2022).

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Here’s some more about it:

* Conversations – Every month we’ll post a conversation hosted by an Order member with guests such as: Iain McGilchrist (the divided brain), Paul Gilbert (Compassion-Focussed Therapy), Penny Sartori (near-death experiences), Bernardo Kastrup (metaphysical idealism), and Carol Bowman (past life memories).

* We’ll also be in conversation with Padmavajra about the Shepherd’s Search for Mind and Subhuti about Buddhist vision of the nature of mind.

* Interactive Seminars. The conversations will be followed by monthly interactive zoom seminars exploring our guests’ work – including Q&As, break-out rooms, and clips of the YouTube conversations.

* Online Morning Meditations. We’ll follow this with a week of online morning meditations, with guidance from Sona, Vidyamala, Vajradevi, and others.

Retreats – We’ll be hosting in-person and online retreats at Adhisthana, and an Order-only retreat

  • Change Your Mind: Change the World: 1 – 5 June. Led by Saddhanandi, Danayutta, Maitreyabandhu, Amalavajra
  • Nature of Mind Retreat: 27 Aug - 2 Sept. Led by Jnanavaca, Subhadramati, Vidyamala, Vajrasura and Maitreyabandhu 
  • The Nature of Mind, with Vessantara. We’ll also host Order-only events led by Vessantara, online and an in-person and online retreat.

Yours in the Dharma,

and the Nature of Mind Team

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Fantastic initiative. Great to see a wide-range of collaboration in all these events. 

As a US-based OM, I’d like to see the ‘residential retreats’ offered in hybrid format. Our sangha and others could benefit a lot from these, and reaching the most amount of people seems to fit with the ethos of these events. Please consider this if you haven’t already. 

Plus, a typo on the end-date of the ‘Change Your Mind: Change the World’.