Amla Sheel: India to Adhisthana - Please Give Now

On Tue, 11 April, 2017 - 16:44
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Please give now to support Sheel Amla, a young mitra in India, attend the next women’s Dharma Life course at Adhisthana… Pass it on, and share with friends and at your Buddhist Centres around the world to help us reach our target of £1500.

Subhuti spoke of her in his recent Triratna Day talk, and described her as having an outstanding sense of gratitude. He continued to read out a message from her where she says: 

I wish you a very happy 50th anniversary of TBMS.
In these 50 years, a big revolution has taken place, the revolution which has touch thousands of life and changed them forever.
I have seen people living a beautiful, happy, non-superstitious, rational, peaceful, joyful life in sangha.
Bhante has given us that which couldn’t be given by anyone in this world. He has made the approach of buddhism in such a practical and modern form that no one in 2500 years could done. He has driven the vision of Baba Saheb to us. Without Bhante we could hardly succeed to understand Baba Saheb.
I feel proud, uplifted, lucky and liberated when I think of Bhante that I am the part of such a beautiful sangha.
I feel i would have not got a such a beautiful life of freedom where I can practice the human virtues of compassion, equality and freedom without sangha. 
I would have not learnt how to be skillful, how to eradicate unskillful in me. 
I would have not learn how I can be free from all the form of sufferings of life without sangha.
All I can say is I am blessed.
Thank you Bhante, Thank you my kalyanmittras and all the practioners who with their efforts made me feel that my life is worth, my life is important.”


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