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We're still working on an acknowledgement..

On Mon, 5 August, 2019 - 22:09
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On Sunday 28 July we posted a ‘Further Response from the Adhisthana Kula to the Observer Article, July 2019’.

In our first step under ‘Responding to the Past’ we said:

1. We will issue a clear statement of acknowledgement, regret and undertaking, inviting other order members to add their name or support to it. (1 week)

We also indicated that we had “added timelines in brackets after each point as a rough guide as to how long each step will take. If something is taking longer we will communicate this, and why.”

It remains our intention to issue this clear statement soon, however it is requiring longer than a week. From 6th August there is a large gathering in the U.K. of several hundred order members for a convention, and we want to let you know that we have decided that it would be best to introduce our planned statement in that context first, before making it public. In this way we hope that our statement will best reflect the feelings and views of order members.

We thank all those who have contacted us subsequent to our two recent postings. As we have said,  we want to address whatever limits us as a spiritual community, and to be able to move forward with confidence and trust that we have fully addressed the issues and concerns of the past, without losing touch with all that is good.