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Sikkha, A Conversation with Dhammamegha And Dhammarati

On Mon, 4 September, 2017 - 20:12
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In March 2017, Saddhaloka wrote about steps the Preceptors’ College would be taking in the coming months. One of these steps was to acknowledge the importance of the ‘shared system of teaching and practice that we derive from Bhante’s particular presentation of the Dharma, while allowing for its systematic and orderly evaluation and development, so that it is more and more effective’ .

One of the important ways that ‘evaluation and development’ is happening is through the work of the Sikkha project. Sikkha means ‘training’, and the project will be bringing together teachers and practitioners to look at all levels of Triratna’s teaching and training, and share their experience. 

Here Dhammarati talks to Dhammamegha about her work so far for the Sikkha project.

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