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Padmasambhava arrives in Adelaide Quote dharmamodini 09 June, 2018
Oxford Triratna ‘Buddhists about Town’ Image Post Padmakumara 27 June, 2018
Oxford events for Buddhist Action Month Text Post florabotsford@yahoo.co.uk 04 June, 2018
Our unique Buddha Fields @the WLBC Video Embed akashadevi 28 June, 2018
Only Connect Talk jvalamalini 09 July, 2017
Online six week course The Burning House - starts 18 March Resource gunabhadri 08 March, 2021
One Thing You Can Do to Help Tackle Climate Change Text Post Sadayasihi 04 June, 2018
NLBC Buddhist Action Day Image Post Lottie 26 June, 2017
Next month: Engaged Buddhist Training Video Embed dhsaraha 13 July, 2018
Newsbyte: Inter-religious Climate Pilgrimage Video Embed Sadayasihi 27 June, 2019
Nature-based practice @ wildflower meadows Text Post Christine 02 June, 2020
moving into the last week of June: from the ethics of eating to climate change Text Post dharmamodini 22 June, 2017
More from BAM in Istanbul! Text Post mokshini 13 June, 2016
More BAM! 2016 action from Blackburn Sangha Image Post Vidusi 12 June, 2016
Mokshini: On the Bodhisattva Heart Of Intention Video Embed mokshini 16 June, 2016
Mindfulness, empathy, contentment and communication: Five buddhist perspectives and five solutions to five UNSDGs Resource gunaketu 04 November, 2020
Mindfully Facing Climate Change Text Post aparajita 06 January, 2020
Mindful Carers Project Text Post mokshini 03 July, 2018
Metta to those affected by Australian Bushfires Video Embed Aryajaya 10 January, 2020
Metta in Action Text Post Maitrimati 29 June, 2017
Metta for the oceans, supermarkets and shoppers! John West unsustainable fishing protest Text Post Momtaz 10 June, 2016
Metta for Merida - reminder! Text Post mokshini 02 October, 2017
Metta for Merida Video Embed mokshini 06 August, 2017
Metta and Social Engagement Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 02 June, 2017
Meditate in the Park for Peace on June 26th Resource mokshini 22 April, 2016
Matthieu Ricard on Being Vegan Video Embed mokshini 20 March, 2017
Mark103 Special action for 2017 - #6: 'Climate Change for Beginners: a workshop' Video Embed Mark103 22 April, 2017
magic, transformation and connection in Exeter Text Post mokshini 09 June, 2016
Learning to ride a bike at 40! Text Post Momtaz 15 June, 2017
Last few days to go of BAM 2017! Text Post mokshini 24 June, 2017
Last chance to apply for our BAM women's Karuna appeal! Video Embed Sanghamani 01 May, 2017
Last but not least! How to become trainee bodhisattva, by Khemasuri Video Embed mokshini 25 June, 2016
Kamalamani: On Unbounded Love Video Embed mokshini 14 June, 2016
June is Buddhist Action Month! BAM 2018 Text Post mokshini 16 February, 2018
June 26 @ 13:15 in Great Hall > Meditate for Peace, for Nuclear Disarmament, for Mass Investment in Renewables and Green Jobs Text Post Christine 22 June, 2016
Journeying through June...and lifetimes Text Post dharmamodini 15 June, 2017
Join the Triratna Sustainable Buddhist Centre scheme Resource mokshini 21 May, 2016
Join The Big Sit on Saturday 25 June Text Post Shantigarbha 09 June, 2022
Join Karuna's Board of Trustees Text Post Karuna 23 September, 2021
John’s Tips for Greenspace Climate Action Resource gunabhadri 14 May, 2019
It's Buddhist Action Month! Text Post Sadayasihi 01 June, 2018
It's Buddhist Action Month Resource gunabhadri 03 June, 2020
Is Climate Change a Crisis for Buddhism? A Conversation with David Loy Video Embed mokshini 27 February, 2018
Ipswich Buddhist Centre- BAM- Dayasara reporting-in Discussion dayasara 31 May, 2016
Invitation to online reflection group, 4 Noble Truths. Text Post PatrickAtsma 16 June, 2017
Invitation to Faith Events prior to Mass Lobby of UK Parliament in June Text Post gunabhadri 30 April, 2019
Introducing Buddhist Action Month 2021 - Network of Buddhist Organisations Resource gunabhadri 08 February, 2021
Interreligious climate pilgrim from Oslo Text Post gunaketu 22 May, 2019
Inspiring Link Text Post akashadevi 01 March, 2018
India Covid-19 Emergency: A Co-ordinated Triratna Fundraising Response Text Post Centre Team 29 April, 2021
ICin5 No.5 - Day Three, Social Engagement and Harmony Video Embed Centre Team 01 September, 2020
ICin5 No.4 - Day Two, Welcoming All in the Dharma (Dar la bienvenida a todos en el Dharma) Video Embed Centre Team 31 August, 2020
ICin5 No.3 - Day One, The Blue Sky and Priorities After Covid Video Embed Centre Team 31 August, 2020
ICin5 No.2 - Day Zero, Getting Started Video Embed Centre Team 29 August, 2020
How insight can give us access to an inexhaustible form of will, excerpt from Vimalamoksha's talk Text Post Christine 15 June, 2020
How do you speak about sustainability as a buddhist? Text Post gunaketu 03 June, 2021
How Buddhist Action Month is Going... Text Post Sadayasihi 20 June, 2018
Hope and faith in the face of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Text Post aparajita 04 June, 2021
Home Retreat: How To Really Save the World | Cómo realmente cambiar el mundo Image Post kusaladevi 25 June, 2021
Guhyapati: On Inner And Outer Transformation Video Embed mokshini 15 June, 2016
GREEN GYM SOLSTICE FUN Text Post Momtaz 30 June, 2016
Green Actions Discussion Utpaladhi 11 June, 2016
Getting Real (Soulful Conversation and Meditation) With Viveka and Paramananda Video Embed Sadayasihi 30 June, 2020
Getting Real (Soulful Conversation and Meditation) With Viveka and Paramananda Text Post kusaladevi 19 June, 2020
Getting ready to meditate for peace at Colchester Buddhist Centre! Image Post Amalaketu 26 June, 2016
Getting Ready for BAM in Cambridge Text Post gspudich 03 March, 2017
Fundraising for å book on sustainability and mindfulness from a buddhist perspective Video Embed gunaketu 04 November, 2020
Four weeks on from Thursday 1st June Text Post dharmamodini 29 June, 2017
For UK BAM champs - 'The Great Get Together' - street party anyone? Text Post mokshini 12 April, 2017
For the Earth: The Environment and Social Justice Video Embed kusaladevi 01 July, 2020
For the Earth: The Earth is my Witness, by Aryadrishti Text Post Christine 15 June, 2020
For the Earth: The Earth is My Witness Video Embed kusaladevi 17 June, 2020
For the Earth: The Art of Skilful Choices by Vimalamoksha Video Embed Sadayasihi 10 June, 2020
For the Earth: Deeper Resources for Action, by Guhyapati Text Post Christine 15 June, 2020
For the Earth: Deeper Resources for Action Video Embed Sadayasihi 26 June, 2020
FOR THE EARTH... Text Post Ratnaprabha 28 May, 2020
For the Earth, From the Sangha: Poetry Readings and Other Voices Resource rodashruti 02 July, 2020
For the Earth - BAM! 2020 (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 28) Resource Centre Team 29 May, 2020
For Nothing Is Fixed: Reflecting on Racism Resource viveka 07 June, 2020
For Nothing Is Fixed - Getting Real with Viveka and Paramananda, Episode 1 Resource Centre Team 02 June, 2020
films for BAM 2018 Text Post mokshini 08 May, 2018
FBA Podcast: Touching the Earth with Love Talk Sadayasihi 20 February, 2021
FBA Podcast: Practice During Times of Chaos and Uncertainty Talk Sadayasihi 27 July, 2019
Faith for the Climate Network: Speaking out on Climate Change Text Post Vishvapani 11 July, 2019
Faith events and Mass Lobby of Parliament 26th June, London Text Post amrtanadi 06 June, 2019
Extinction Rebellion as spiritual practice: some thoughts Text Post Yogaratna 20 November, 2019
Exeter Triratna get informed about Homelessness for BAM 13th June Text Post vidyadasi 27 June, 2016
Exeter & Devon sangha beach clean Text Post mokshini 25 June, 2016
Event Planning Guide Resource mokshini 02 March, 2017
Engaged Buddhism: Ideas and Inspiration - how do we speak up as Buddhists? Resource gunabhadri 25 March, 2021
El Bodhisattva del Siglo 21 (Español) Video Embed Paramachitta 20 August, 2019
Ecosattva Training Course Text Post mokshini 29 September, 2017
Ecology Workshop for young people: Releasing Butterflies Text Post Nagapriya 10 May, 2017
Eat Peas! Thinking About the Ethics of Veganism Text Post Sadayasihi 08 June, 2018
EASTBOURNE, SUSSEX, UK Text Post Dharmavandana 19 May, 2016
East Coast US Climate Action Group shraddhavani 23 June, 2020
Earth Week on The Buddhist Centre Online! Hair On Fire: A New Podcast Mini-Series Resource Centre Team 21 April, 2020
Earth Day Meditation: Three Jewels, One World Text Post Maitridevi 07 April, 2021
Do the plastic challenge for BAM 2017 Resource mokshini 04 May, 2017