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BAM in Manchester, UK Text Post Vishangka 23 June, 2017
Exeter Triratna get informed about Homelessness for BAM 13th June Text Post vidyadasi 27 June, 2016
Brighton Buddhist Centre BAM events Text Post santacitta 06 June, 2016
BAM beyond Triratna Text Post mokshini 08 June, 2017
BAM at Birmingham Buddhist Centre Text Post Maitrisara 20 May, 2016
COMPLETELY VEGAN CAKES Text Post Momtaz 15 June, 2017
Getting Real (Soulful Conversation and Meditation) With Viveka and Paramananda Text Post kusaladevi 19 June, 2020
Chester Buddhist Action Month - June 2017 Text Post prashrabdhi 24 May, 2017
One Thing You Can Do to Help Tackle Climate Change Text Post Sadayasihi 04 June, 2018
Direct Action Meditations and the Dharma Text Post Maitrisiddhi 09 May, 2019
BAM 2019 - Fundraiser Text Post saradarshini 09 July, 2019
A Myth For Our Times?! Text Post mokshini 08 May, 2018
Buddhist Action Month's not over yet! 10 minute actions Text Post mokshini 27 June, 2016
BAM at Newcastle Buddhist Centre - Compassionate Eating Text Post Akuppa 03 June, 2016
BAM in Oslo Text Post gunaketu 08 June, 2017
The Compassionate Revolution with Parami (Buddhist Action Month) Text Post Centre Team 02 June, 2020
EASTBOURNE, SUSSEX, UK Text Post Dharmavandana 19 May, 2016
Journeying through June...and lifetimes Text Post dharmamodini 15 June, 2017
Aryadrishti on Carbon offsets, Promise the Pod, and Dana Text Post Christine 21 June, 2020
BAM! comes to Aotearoa/New Zealand Text Post Vajrajyoti 15 June, 2016
Buddhist Action Month at Aryaloka Text Post Shrijnana 25 May, 2017
Taraloka declares an ecological emergency Text Post Maitridevi 29 October, 2019
BAM has begun at the North London Buddhist Centre Text Post Lottie 07 June, 2018
Ecosattva Training Course Text Post mokshini 29 September, 2017
How do you speak about sustainability as a buddhist? Text Post gunaketu 03 June, 2021
BAM in the Dublin Buddhist Centre - a short report Text Post Sadayasihi 26 June, 2017
Buddhism and Social Justice Text Post Garavavati 13 October, 2020
Exeter & Devon sangha beach clean Text Post mokshini 25 June, 2016
BAM at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre - film evening Text Post Tejopala 03 June, 2016
BAM at the Wellington Buddhist Centre Text Post saradarshini 08 June, 2017
Tips for getting your kids to save energy Text Post aparajita 05 June, 2020
Mindful Carers Project Text Post mokshini 03 July, 2018
BAM at Aryaloka in Newmarket, NH Text Post Shrijnana 16 May, 2016
West London Buddhist Centre Buddhist Action Day Text Post akashadevi 16 June, 2017
Caring for Others Text Post dayasara 07 May, 2017
More from BAM in Istanbul! Text Post mokshini 13 June, 2016
2 hours remaining on the 1st of June in Adelaide, South Australia! Text Post dharmamodini 01 June, 2017
Mindfully Facing Climate Change Text Post aparajita 06 January, 2020
Getting Ready for BAM in Cambridge Text Post gspudich 03 March, 2017
BAM at Vancouver Buddhist Centre Text Post Christine 31 May, 2019
Metta for Merida - reminder! Text Post mokshini 02 October, 2017
June 26 @ 13:15 in Great Hall > Meditate for Peace, for Nuclear Disarmament, for Mass Investment in Renewables and Green Jobs Text Post Christine 22 June, 2016
Street Meditation? Text Post saravantu 29 May, 2016
Book Launch - The Burning House: A Buddhist Response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency Text Post Centre Team 20 August, 2021
BAM! at Sheffield Buddhist Centre Text Post Christine 14 May, 2016
West London Buddhist Action Day - Connecting for Change Text Post akashadevi 18 June, 2017
Buddhist Action Month 2017 - preparing the ground! Text Post mokshini 25 February, 2017
Reading Triratna BAM - Soup and Sangha Text Post stuarts 12 June, 2016
Metta and Social Engagement Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 02 June, 2017
Akuppa at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre Text Post Davidrey 31 May, 2019
plastic-free supermarkets Text Post mokshini 18 January, 2018
Warming up for BAM: Global Divestment Mobilisation: 5-13 May 2017 Text Post mokshini 24 April, 2017
BAM launched early in Adelaide Triratna Text Post dharmamodini 23 May, 2018
Transforming World at the Wellington Buddhist Centre Text Post saradarshini 18 July, 2018
Metta in Action Text Post Maitrimati 29 June, 2017
Touching Earth: Buddhist Approaches for Care of Nature Text Post viriyalila 06 November, 2020
BAM in Shrewsbury Text Post saravantu 28 May, 2016
Vegan baking: Sourdough Bread Text Post Momtaz 12 June, 2017
Triratna Earth Sangha Conference 2021: Save the Dates! Text Post Shantigarbha 20 August, 2021
Social change in San Francisco Text Post Munisha 19 June, 2017
A little inspiration in between yearly Buddhist Action Months Text Post KarenL 21 October, 2016
Metta for the oceans, supermarkets and shoppers! John West unsustainable fishing protest Text Post Momtaz 10 June, 2016
BAM in Deal, Kent Text Post Prajnasisya 05 June, 2017
World Meat Free Week 11-17 June 2018 Text Post mokshini 11 June, 2018
Buddhist Action Month 2019 gets underway! Text Post Sadayasihi 06 June, 2019
Beyond BAM 2018 Text Post Christine 03 August, 2018
BAM at the London Buddhist Centre with Transforming Self and World Text Post Kavyamani 05 July, 2017
Reading Triratna BAM Text Post stuarts 18 June, 2016
'The Worldly Winds, the Buddha and Me' Text Post cremigio 26 May, 2016
Transform self and world this BAM with Karuna Text Post Sanghamani 04 April, 2018
West London Buddhist Centre Week 3 Text Post akashadevi 21 June, 2017
Thames Valley Triratna in Reading - what we did! Text Post stuarts 01 July, 2016
peace meditation on the cathedral green in Exeter UK Text Post mokshini 10 June, 2016
BAM Glasgow Text Post Candrika 06 June, 2017
Buddhist Action Day in Mid Essex Text Post Davidrey 15 June, 2018
Using Taraloka Resources: Elderflower Text Post Momtaz 13 June, 2017
The programme for Sheffield BAM 2017 is out! Text Post Khemasuri 13 May, 2017
BAM in the Dublin Buddhist Centre Text Post Vajrashura 31 May, 2018
'The Journey of Metta' Text Post cremigio 26 May, 2016
Transforming self and world: street meditation in Shrewsbury Text Post Maitrimati 22 June, 2017
Welcoming Liberation: A Space for Thriving BIPOC / BAME Dharma and Community Connection. Text Post Sadayasihi 31 July, 2020
GREEN GYM SOLSTICE FUN Text Post Momtaz 30 June, 2016
Birmingham BAM course launches Text Post Maitrisara 10 June, 2016
Triratna Chester BAM Text Post prashrabdhi 07 June, 2017
The Suffering of the Rohingya People Continues Text Post Sadayasihi 18 June, 2018
Cardiff Buddhist Centre - Buddhist Action Month Text Post cremigio 26 May, 2016
BAM questionnaire Text Post mokshini 14 June, 2017
For the Earth: The Earth is my Witness, by Aryadrishti Text Post Christine 15 June, 2020
It's Buddhist Action Month! Text Post Sadayasihi 01 June, 2018
Buddhist Action Month 2019 Text Post gunabhadri 13 February, 2019
Two Eco / Dharma retreats at Hridayabija / East Devon forest Garden Text Post sahajatara 20 March, 2017
Divest - Defund - Desponsor! Text Post mokshini 08 May, 2018
BAM at Sydney Buddhist Centre Text Post mokshini 23 June, 2017
Port Fairy Sangha's BAM outreach project. Text Post PORT FAIRY BUDDHIST COMMUNITY 29 June, 2016
Starting with a BAM Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 09 June, 2016
Books for BAM Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 20 May, 2016
BAM in Birmingham Text Post Maitrisara 04 June, 2018
Invitation to Faith Events prior to Mass Lobby of UK Parliament in June Text Post gunabhadri 30 April, 2019
India Covid-19 Emergency: A Co-ordinated Triratna Fundraising Response Text Post Centre Team 29 April, 2021