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Dishing the Dirt Text Post Momtaz 27 June, 2016
BAM in the Dublin Buddhist Centre - a short report Text Post Sadayasihi 26 June, 2017
Starting with a BAM Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 09 June, 2016
BAM! @ North London Buddhist Centre Text Post bodhipaksini 24 May, 2016
Eat Peas! Thinking About the Ethics of Veganism Text Post Sadayasihi 08 June, 2018
BAM in Leeds Text Post PhillippaJ 02 June, 2017
BAM Melbourne - Sangha divestment day Text Post Tejopala 18 June, 2016
advance notice to those in UK! Green Earth Awakening Sept 2018 Text Post mokshini 30 September, 2017
Buddhist Action Month 2019 Text Post gunabhadri 13 February, 2019
West London Buddhist Centre Buddhist Action Day Text Post akashadevi 16 June, 2017
BAM Melbourne - Sangha climate action planning Text Post Tejopala 26 June, 2016
Mindful Carers Project Text Post mokshini 03 July, 2018
BAM at Taraloka Text Post mokshini 12 June, 2017
Brighton Buddhist Centre BAM events Text Post santacitta 06 June, 2016
Books for BAM Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 20 May, 2016
What will you change to make a difference in our world? Text Post Prajnasisya 10 June, 2018
taking on the plastic challenge .... Text Post mokshini 05 June, 2017
BAM! comes to Aotearoa/New Zealand Text Post Vajrajyoti 15 June, 2016
All night vigil 2 December 2017 Text Post mokshini 20 November, 2017
Invitation to Faith Events prior to Mass Lobby of UK Parliament in June Text Post gunabhadri 30 April, 2019
West London Buddhist Action Day - Connecting for Change Text Post akashadevi 18 June, 2017
Reverencing the Buddha we offer flowers… Text Post Momtaz 23 June, 2016
Metta in Action Text Post Maitrimati 29 June, 2017
Bristol Buddhist Centre's BAM jumble sale for a local refugee charity Text Post sarah thorne 12 June, 2017
SAVING THE EARTH Course in Istanbul Text Post Vajracaksu 03 June, 2016
Buddhist Action Month is nearly here. What are you planning? Text Post Sadayasihi 18 May, 2018
Ecology Workshop for young people: Releasing Butterflies Text Post Nagapriya 10 May, 2017
Social change in San Francisco Text Post Munisha 19 June, 2017
The sangha presence at the Earth Strike Text Post Maitrisiddhi 02 October, 2019
BAM! Blackburn Buddhist Centre Text Post Vidusi 19 May, 2016
BAM at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre Text Post Davidrey 10 June, 2018
Week 1 of trying to live without buying single-use plastic .... Text Post mokshini 06 June, 2017
More from BAM in Istanbul! Text Post mokshini 13 June, 2016
June is Buddhist Action Month! BAM 2018 Text Post mokshini 16 February, 2018
Buddhist Action Month 2017 starts here Text Post mokshini 02 March, 2017
BAM 2017 in Dublin Text Post Sadayasihi 15 May, 2017
Devon Triratna Beach Clean for BAM Text Post vidyadasi 30 May, 2016
The Great Get Together: 22-24 June Text Post mokshini 25 May, 2018
Interreligious climate pilgrim from Oslo Text Post gunaketu 22 May, 2019
some more reflections on Buddhism and its place in the current world Text Post mokshini 06 November, 2016
West London Buddhist Centre Week 3 Text Post akashadevi 21 June, 2017
Extinction Rebellion as spiritual practice: some thoughts Text Post Yogaratna 20 November, 2019
BAM at the Dublin Buddhist Centre Text Post Vajrashura 18 May, 2016
Dawn meditation in London's Battersea Park 21 June 2018 Text Post mokshini 14 June, 2018
BAM for Bulgarians Text Post dayasara 07 June, 2017
Reading Triratna BAM - Soup and Sangha Text Post stuarts 12 June, 2016
Inspiring Link Text Post akashadevi 01 March, 2018
Buddhist Action Month in Reading Text Post stuarts 29 May, 2016
Special BAM Transforming Self and World @theLBC Text Post Singhamanas 18 May, 2017
Using Taraloka Resources: Elderflower Text Post Momtaz 13 June, 2017
BAM at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre Text Post Davidrey 31 May, 2019
Vessantara on Simplicity, Abundance and Sharing Text Post Helen - Windhorse Publications 11 July, 2016
Transforming self and world: street meditation in Shrewsbury Text Post Maitrimati 22 June, 2017
Still looking for an action to run for BAM 2016? Keep it simple and remember the teaching on the Three Actions Text Post mokshini 16 May, 2016
BAM is well underway, one week on .... Text Post dharmamodini 08 June, 2017
Metta for the oceans, supermarkets and shoppers! John West unsustainable fishing protest Text Post Momtaz 10 June, 2016
'Proceeding as though you are necessary' Text Post cremigio 27 May, 2016
Chester Buddhist Action Month - June 2017 Text Post prashrabdhi 24 May, 2017
BAM questionnaire Text Post mokshini 14 June, 2017
BAM at the Bristol Buddhist Centre Text Post amrtanadi 05 June, 2019
Buddhist Action Month is over ... long live Buddhist Action! Text Post mokshini 01 July, 2016
BAM at Sydney Buddhist Centre Text Post mokshini 23 June, 2017
12th June: day of prayer + action for people and planet Text Post Munisha 28 April, 2016
How Buddhist Action Month is Going... Text Post Sadayasihi 20 June, 2018
BAM beyond Triratna Text Post mokshini 08 June, 2017
peace meditation on the cathedral green in Exeter UK Text Post mokshini 10 June, 2016
Becoming an Ethical Consumer has just got that bit easier .... Text Post mokshini 08 May, 2018
Faith for the Climate Network: Speaking out on Climate Change Text Post Vishvapani 11 July, 2019
'The Worldly Winds, the Buddha and Me' Text Post cremigio 26 May, 2016
Oxford events for Buddhist Action Month Text Post 04 June, 2018
Buddhist Action Month at Aryaloka Text Post Shrijnana 25 May, 2017
Sheffield June 19 > Day of rejoicing (in our efforts, so far) Text Post Christine 20 June, 2016
BAM in Bristol Text Post sarah thorne 03 July, 2017
The Ulex Project: An Update Text Post Sadayasihi 30 July, 2018
Faith events and Mass Lobby of Parliament 26th June, London Text Post amrtanadi 06 June, 2019
Thames Valley Triratna in Reading Text Post stuarts 29 June, 2016
Last few days to go of BAM 2017! Text Post mokshini 24 June, 2017
BAM in Oslo Text Post gunaketu 08 June, 2017
Birmingham BAM course launches Text Post Maitrisara 10 June, 2016
Resources for BAM 2018 - good reads Text Post mokshini 08 May, 2018
You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows Text Post Shantigarbha 17 July, 2019
'The Journey of Metta' Text Post cremigio 26 May, 2016
One Thing You Can Do to Help Tackle Climate Change Text Post Sadayasihi 04 June, 2018
BAM starts here! Text Post mokshini 01 June, 2017
Bristol BAM - Transforming Self and World Text Post sarah thorne 19 June, 2016
Getting Ready for BAM in Cambridge Text Post gspudich 03 March, 2017
Voices from the Buddhist world 8 - Sulak Sivaraksa Text Post Munisha 09 November, 2018
Learning to ride a bike at 40! Text Post Momtaz 15 June, 2017
UK Prime minister thanks faith leaders for 'net zero' letters Text Post Munisha 12 June, 2019
Exeter Triratna get informed about Homelessness for BAM 13th June Text Post vidyadasi 27 June, 2016
BAM in Winter Text Post kerynw 27 June, 2018
BAM at the Wellington Buddhist Centre Text Post saradarshini 08 June, 2017
magic, transformation and connection in Exeter Text Post mokshini 09 June, 2016
A Myth For Our Times?! Text Post mokshini 08 May, 2018
Cardiff Buddhist Centre - Buddhist Action Month Text Post cremigio 26 May, 2016
BAM has begun at the North London Buddhist Centre Text Post Lottie 07 June, 2018
BAM in Birmingham Text Post Maitrisara 01 June, 2017
Reading Triratna BAM Text Post stuarts 18 June, 2016
Ecosattva Training Course Text Post mokshini 29 September, 2017
The Three Jewels meet the Climate Emergency Text Post Sadayasihi 11 February, 2019