UK Prime minister thanks faith leaders for 'net zero' letters

On Wed, 12 June, 2019 - 13:48
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Today the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced her government will enact law to set a net zero target for carbon emissions

Today she writes on Twitter that “Many businesses, faith leaders and climate change campaigners have written to me in support of a #NetZero emissions target. Here’s my response confirming that the UK will be the first major economy in the world to legislate for it.”

Recently a number of religious leaders had signed an interfaith petition calling for this, including me, signing personally as a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and member of the committee of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK. Given that she had just announced her intention to stand down as Prime minister it seemed probably pointless to send any such petition, but maybe not…


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Wonderful, very encouraging Munisha :) Let’s hope that the current and the next UK Prime Minister do act on it,

Kind wishes