Transcript of chat from The Compassionate Revolution by Parami

On Mon, 8 June, 2020 - 00:49
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saradarshini's picture

Hi there,
is there a recording of this talk available?
The event is not at a suitable time for me in Wellington NZ
Thanks, Love Saradarshini 

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I too would like to be able to listen to the talk… could there be a policy to record these events please?

The probelm I have is that my hearing is very variable and sometimes I have to wait to listen to something on a ‘good’ day.

Also if the talk is put on youtube then those of us who have impaired hearing get to see a face which also gives a bit more informtion so that ‘hearing’ is easier!

Much love Khemasuri

Centre Team's picture

Hi Saradarshini and Khemasuri,

Yes, there is a plan to release an edited version of the talk as soon as we can (but bear with us - there’s a lot going on at the moment).

In the meantime you can re-watch the full talk on Facebook here as it was also livestreamed.

With Metta,

Khemasuri's picture

Hello Sadayasihi!

Many thanks for this… yes I totally appreciate all the work you and the BCO team are doing. In my imagination you are having difficulty finding the time to sleep!

I just wanted to say something as a person with tricky and variable hearing… and someone who does not use Facebook (personal policy not to feed ‘the demon of capitalist surveillance’).

Much love Khemasuri

saradarshini's picture

Thanks Sadayasihi and what a lovely talk by Parami.

Thank you all so much for all you do in sharing the dharma with me and the world.

Much love Saradarshini x

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hi, lots of people are asking me for the link to this and some don’t want to go on facebook.  Any sense of when it might be available?  Or do you have the zoom link now?  Love Px

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Hiya Parami - the talk video should be added to Youtube in the next couple of days, so people could keep an eye out there -