The sangha presence at the Earth Strike

On Wed, 2 October, 2019 - 16:20
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On the 20th September there was a global ‘earth strike’ to demonstrate about human-caused global warming. The climate strikes certainly made world headlines, and Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN keeps up the pressure for ecological action on governments, business and individuals - including us! It’s hard to say what the effect of our sangha presence is - but getting out there on the streets where a lot of radical energy is; meditating and being seen; modelling love and awareness as a response; visibly demonstrating that Buddhists care about this planet - the effects can only be good.

Read about Triratna sanghas’ engagement with the Earth Strike on the 20th September.

Are you interested in getting involved in sangha-based direct action regarding the ecological crisis? To participate in the XR London Rebellion with other Buddhists - beginning 7th - October, contact Joe Mishan from London DANCE on Joseph.mishan [at]

If you’re in the UK, to link up with others in your area, get suggestions, support or resources, and keep in touch with what’s going on, contact me at triratnadirectaction [at] If you’re not UK-based, I will still attempt to help! 

Particularly useful Facebook groups to hear about events and connect with others are:

Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE)

Triratna Climate Emergency Action

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Joy's picture

Thank you Maitrisiddhi for sharing this and for the piece you wrote in May which I have only just read. I found it so helpful to read about how you you are responding to the climate crisis through the Dharma.

I will be in London tomorrow and then during the 2nd week of action predominantly to meditate with others. I will contact Joe Mishan .

With metta, Joy