Mindfully Facing Climate Change

On Mon, 6 January, 2020 - 18:33
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Dear friends, sisters and brothers in the Triratna world, 

I would like to draw your attention to a four week online course by Bhikkhu Analayo on “Mindfully Facing Climate Change”. 
The course starts today - sorry for thinking so late of the opportunity to post this information here, but I expect it is possible to join later. It consists of a video talk, a guided meditation and some text material every week, accompanied by a moderated forum for exchange. It is free and all donations go to climate protection measures. 
You can book and also watch a conversation between Analayo and Joseph Goldstein as a taster here:

Analayo, who has published several books through Windhorse, is a respected practitioner and scholar, well known and loved within Triratna, deeply aquainted with early Buddhism and Pali Scriptures. His thoughts on the topic are deeply rooted in fundamental Dharma. 
When someone at my home centre Essen discovered this course, word got round fast and within just a few days I heard of seven order members and a mitra from Essen who are taking part. So I expect many more in other places may be very interested too! 
Maybe meet you on the course forum? 

With metta, 

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