Interreligious climate pilgrim from Oslo

On Wed, 22 May, 2019 - 21:25
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To inspire greater collaberation around climat action we organize in Oslo an Interreligious climat pilgrimage from Oslo to Fredrikstad to the South of Oslo. Search Facebook for @klimapilgrimsvandring.

We believe that all the various faith systems have in them both dogmas, texts and practices that aim at preserving the environment. If we can connect with the deeper values regarding the environment, in different spiritual networks, it will be easier to mobilize for common environmental causes. We also think that a shift to more sustainable ways of living will be helped by people connecting the shifts with deeper values. The purpose is to spend three days together walking, being in silence, talking, doing exercises like the Council of all Beings, engaging in public events and fostering friendships. We will be about 22 people walking, sharing inspiration and pracices and reflecting together on how take care of our environment

The walk is initiated and organized by priest Annette Dreyer, Harween Kaur from ClimatSikh and Gunaketu from Oslo Buddhistsenter, in cooperation with the Islamic Cultural Centre Oslo and other religious and humanist organisations. The event is sponsored by Oslo Green Capital of Europe 2019. 

ClearVision is coming along to document the various event that will later be publicises on a web-page as a resource for other such events.

When we come back we will spend a sangha-night sharing what happened on the walk. 

The following sangha-night we will be meditating out in the streets of Oslo. Come and join us :-)

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Hello Gunaketu,

This is wonderful. I would like to speak with you about your plans, if possible. I work for a multi-faith organisation on the climate crisis called the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change ( Perhaps we could share ideas?

What are the dates for your event, please? Would you be up for a Skype call before it starts?

With metta,


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Bra jobbat, Gunaketu! Good to hear about this. (30 May, Tejopala.) Kram Munisha