How insight can give us access to an inexhaustible form of will, excerpt from Vimalamoksha's talk

On Mon, 15 June, 2020 - 19:34
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The following is excerpted from Vimalamoksha’s talk, For the Earth: The Art of Skilful Choices (June 13)

When the Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and saw all of his past lives, he witnessed an unimaginable expanse of being, he came into relationship to deep time and the oceans of the details of lived experience were not lost. This sublime doorway is something that we can all access by pushing the envelope of our imagination and finding our own relationship to deep time. Using ideas and stories, we can craft our will, while also realizing the limitations of the ideas and stories that we tell. Our minds can become flexible and go beyond literalism.

Equanimity is the emotional wisdom that the Buddha described, allowing him to remain connected to an inner state of peace within a tumultuous world because he did not reject anything as not his or appropriate anything as his. The freedom of these seeds of insight may just give us access to an inexhaustible form of will for the collective well being.

A prayer that Martin Luther King might offer us today, if from the grave:

And for those of you wery from the corruption and and disappointment with our collective ignorance I offer you this prayer: May we recognize our shame a the shadow of love, may we remember the riches within every act of kindness, may we through off the shackles of our habitual failing strategies for well being, may we become intimate with the fragile envelope of the world in which we live, and may we see the opportunity of our lives as a limited time offer with potentially limitless consequences.

A fictional quote from Milarepa:

It is impossible to appropriate anything.
we are riding a wave of emerging phenomena
and the choices we make ripple through out space and time
in service of well being or not
keep your imagination fresh and vibrant
care for the field of emerging sensations
and be a gateway for the potential of being
Train with revulsion and delight
drink the cocktail of disappointment and appreciation
let what you know and do not know push you into the sublime depths of being
Revere emergences
and let the choices you make with your attention honnor your unique affinity with the world express the potential of being in how you edit your mind
have faith in ignorance and a way beyond
become the greatest lover and the greatest catastrophe at the same time.
give and receive as if they were undivided
let the details of vast space and time sing you a lullaby

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