How do you speak about sustainability as a buddhist?

On Thu, 3 June, 2021 - 14:38
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This evening we have the great delight to invite Dhammapītika from the Netherlands to a conversation with Gunaketu about how buddhists can speak up about sustainability.
How to cope, deal with and relate to climatchange? This invites us to reshape our deepest myths of creation and of being. Some find it exhilarating - others frightening. Entering the new era with openess and non rigidity is a skill that can be learned. Are you interested?

Dhammapītika is chair of the Metta Vihara Buddhist retreat centre on the border of Belgium & the Netherlands and has engaged in social activism through a long life. He recently contributed to the book “The successful idealist: idealism on new roads”. He is also manager of a health institution in the Netherlands.

Gunaketu is writing a doctor thesis on how to use buddhist practice to be more sustainable - whilst also teaching at the Oslo Buddhist centre, offering gestalt therapy, teaching social workers and living and loving as sustainably has he manages.

When: 17th June at 18.00 CET.


You can watch a recording of the dialog here

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Thanks for this looks good! Can this be made available as a recording of some kind? Kind regards Khemasuri
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thank you!

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can someone say what time it finishes pls?