The Great Plant Give Away at ‘Hidden Gems’- the TBRL Charity Shop for the Croydon Buddhist Centre

On Thu, 13 June, 2019 - 15:58
Mokshadarshini's picture

Every year ‘Hidden Gems’ marks Buddhist Action Month. It’s a great way of engaging with our customer and local community. In previous years we have given out information about being vegan with its environmental benefits; last year we highlighted ethical issues around  the clothing industry.

This June we wanted to bring out generosity and to thank our customers and people who donate to us. Our shop runs on dana- people giving us their unwanted items and with some love and care, we re- home them, in the process supporting four Buddhists in work and supporting the Croydon Buddhist Centre. In a year when our takings have gone down,  it felt even more important to embrace and share the qualities of abundance, beauty and gratitude. So far people have gone home with marigolds, spider plants, london pride ( named because it grew in the bomb craters after the blitz) and we will later be also offering tomato plants and cayenne chilli seedlings.

So if you are in the area, come and pick up a  gift plant  to nurture and stop to have a chat with us- we’d love to see you!  Jill, Lizzie, Mokshadarshini and Ruth

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