Engaged Buddhism: Ideas and Inspiration - how do we speak up as Buddhists?

On Thu, 25 March, 2021 - 10:38
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Kaspa Thompson from the Network of Buddhist Organisations writes:

Engaged Buddhism: Ideas and Inspiration —how do we speak up as Buddhists?
April 14th 19:00 - 20:00 BST
As Buddhists we are called upon to alleviate suffering, to transform ourselves and the world through dialogue, and to speak out about injustice and the degradation of our ecosystems.

What kind of action do we want to take? Bring your ideas, large or small. Listen to the ideas of others, which may seed ideas, and support your own actions.

This is an eco-dharma event in partnership with Buddhist Action Month. Buddhist Action Month invites Buddhist individuals and groups and centres to become more socially and environmentally engaged during the month of June.

Come along if you want to think about what you are doing for Buddhist Action Month or about engaged Buddhism more generally.

The theme of BAM 2021 is Lion’s Roar: Speaking up in a Troubled World.
We’ll begin this event with a brief presentation on ‘things to think about before speaking up’ before moving into small groups and then a final sharing session with the whole group.

Zoom-details to be found via this link

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