For the Earth: Deeper Resources for Action, by Guhyapati

On Mon, 15 June, 2020 - 20:12
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On June 28, Guhyapati will illuminate how the Dharma can sustain and empower us for effective social engagement, while also resourcing us to be effective during this crucial time. Guhyapati is our final speaker for BAM 2020.

The last year has seen important shifts in public narrative and awareness around the climate crisis. We’re living through enormous mobilisations on key social and ecological issues. For many, this feels like a turning point. In the midst of this historic point of disruption, awareness of the complexity of social change should alerts us both to the dangers and to the opportunities before us.

Sustaining engagement, building movements that lead to real change, navigating our way through the complexity of social transformation is deeply challenging. Drawing on learning from developing the Ecodharma Centre over the last decade and the Ulex Project social movement training programme, Guhyapati will explore how the dharma can empower effective social engagement and resource us to play an effective and transformative part at this crucial time.

This is a free event, offered on the generosity economy. Donations are welcome. Join us on Zoom and Facebook Live in your timezone of choice (USA 11am PST | México 1pm | USA 2pm EST | UK & IE 7pm | Europe 8pm CET ). Approximately 60 mins. We’ll invite you in from the waiting room 10 minutes before the event begins.

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Hello Christine,

I don’t use Facebook but would like to attend via Zoom. How do I get the link?



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Hello Saccanama, the event is run on Zoom, so no need for Facebook. When you register (Via the Eventbrite Link that will be established soon), youll receive the link and details to the zoom room. Watch this space!

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Hi Christine,

is the Eventbrite link set up yet?


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Hi Saccanama!

I know Christine is away on retreat at the moment so just to let you know that you can book on Eventbrite here (and just to note that all the details of our live events can be found on the Live Events page: Dharma Toolkit Live).

Hope that helps,
With Metta,


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Great. Thanks Sadayasihi.