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On Sun, 30 June, 2019 - 08:27
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A range of activities this year. A highlight was last Wednesday’s The Time is Now  for environmental action. That brought Polly and myself from the Ipswich Sangha and thousands more to central London. Workshops at St Martin’s in the Fields, then a ‘walk of witness’ along Whitehall, talks in Church House, and lobbying MPs from all the main political parties. A good number of Buddhists there and uplifting communication with a wide range of people.

I’ll remember Anya, the youngest speaker, who is involved with the Friday school strikes…and Vishvapani on his loving duty to protect his son. They’d gone together to see Avengers Endgame and Vishvapani risked a spoiler by saying that in real life”No-one is coming to rescue us“ ….Rowan Williams on how we are “sawing off the branch we are sitting on”….and much, much more. 

Apparently over 100 MPs were there, mostly along the opposite embankment across Lambeth Bridge. I heard Rupa Huq, a London MP, regretting the current preoccupation with (you know what) and I found Sandy Martin, the Ipswich MP quietly impressive. Those of us who live in the constituency could interact with him and put that out to a wider audience, as he is Shadow Minister for Waste and Recycling, and used to work for Friends of the Earth.

Always there are the challenges of theory and then practice. I welcome finding out about Mary Annaise Heglar and her argument that campaigning against fossil fuels is greatly preferable to obsessing about environmental ‘sins’. Even so, I’m glad that yesterday Triratna Ipswich’s outdoor meditation and picnic featured careful re-cycling and zero carbon footprint (or at least I believe so!). One hands-on initiative is to do some Sangha litter-picks before the summer is out….

With Metta from Dayasara


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Good to read all that Dayasara. I was especially pleased to read that apparently 100 MP’s were there.

Kind wishes