BAM 2019 Saving the Earth, Akuppa at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre

On Sun, 9 June, 2019 - 10:59
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Saving the Earth, a Buddhist response to the cries of the world. How would the Buddha respond?
Akuppa’s talk given at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre on 7 June 2019 as part of their Buddhist Action Month

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Thanks Akuppa, nice to hear your calm voice talking about such things. I really agree that dialogue is so important and that we can make a difference by being authentic and clear. However I think that the trump baby has served a great purpose, it has led to loads of public awareness and dialogue. It led to loads of media attention and opportunities for his policies to be critically aired. Trump famously refuses to enter into dialogue, even whilst being interviewed. There is a great tradition of satire, of making fun of politicians. Long live the jester I say! There are many ways to communicate, there are many emotions that need to be expressed. All voices have their place. Images have their place. Trump baby also raised over £30k for charities in the US working directly with negative consequences of his policies.