Aryadrishti on Carbon offsets, Promise the Pod, and Dana

On Sun, 21 June, 2020 - 22:49
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Follow on from Aryadrishti’s talk, The Earth is My Witness. Three points of discussion that arose with regards to how we can mitigate our impacts on the world, whether ecological, environmental, political, social and/ or Dharmic.

Carbon offsets for air travel (from research done by Mary Salome and Nancy Artz) 

Carbon offsets are not a perfect solution, but they are a helpful starting point to address the climate crisis. You can use the calculator to come up with an amount to a local organization that you trust working for Good in the world

Those who are able can purchase offsets by selecting the “Flights” tab at  [HINT: no need to enter personal details on the welcome page – just click the Flights tab].  Payment can be in US dollars, Euros, or British pounds.

Canadians may prefer to use because the default payment is Canadian dollars.  Its certifications are as good as the carbon footprint site.  

You can also help offset emissions generated by those who lack the financial means to offset their personal travel (this has been relevant to retreat scenarios in North America, which typically involved\ involves air travel, adding significantly to retreat expenses).  In such a case, this can be done by buying an offset for a typical flight on This site is suggested because it offers a straightforward way to purchase without a specific travel itinerary in mind.

Promise the pod is dedicated to education and on-the-ground action that supports the southern resident Orcas. You can watch the full video here.

AND remember to support The Buddhist Centre online, so they can continue to bring the Dharma to people across the globe. 

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