Invitation to Faith Events prior to Mass Lobby of UK Parliament in June

On Tue, 30 April, 2019 - 19:57
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Vishvapani writes:

“On 26th June the Climate Coalition is organising a mass lobby of parliament, which is preceded by Faith events. I have been asked to speak representing Buddhism and I am passing this on in the hope that many people in Triratna will join me for the events, speeches, march and lobby. 

The information is as follows:

We are hoping to hold workshops at St Martin in the Fields Church from 9.30-11.30am, including one led by Jamie Cresswell from the Network of Buddhist Organisations on a Buddhist response to Climate Change, linked to Buddhist Action Month, and one co-led by Joe Mishan of Dharma Action for Climate Engagement (DANCE) on faith-based non-violent direct action for the climate. 

From 11.30am Faith leaders will make an Interfaith Walk of Witness down Whitehall, towards the main speaker event, which will take place in the Church House Assembly Hall from 12 noon. I will lead the walk and speak as a representative of Buddhists.

We will then join the Mass Lobby of Parliament taking place between 2 and 4pm.

The booking page for the faith events ahead of the Climate Coalition’s mass lobby of parliament on 26th June is now live: 

The Climate Coalition expect 10,000 people at the lobby on the day - and there is capacity for 350 at the workshops, and 660 at the Speaker Event - so please let people know soon and encourage your community, as the organisers expect all these events to fill quickly. 

It would be good to see many Buddhists there with as visible a presence as possible (wear your kesa, bring a banner) to let others know that we have a voice and care about this issue.” 

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I should be there (time off from work being permitted). It’d be nice if an alternative ‘Buddhist representative’ from Triratna aside from Vishvapani was asked to do this. It puts him a difficult position that I know he’s aware of. I’m sure there are others quite capable of speaking on this, indeed, Order Members who’ve been campaigning against habitat destruction for longer than Vishvapani.

I hope to see you there …


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I don’t really understand why there is a need for anyone to ‘lead’ the way?  Why not just walk to Westminster with a common intention and purpose.  Seems leadership in this situation is unnecessary?  Perhaps someone to facilitate the start time.  I was at the Trump Rally on Tuesday in Trafalgar Square and someone just said ‘start walking down Whitehall’ and a few thousand people just did that.  Later, the same person said, now walk to Parliament Square down that road, and  a few thousand people did that!  It wasn’t necessary to lead?