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On Thu, 27 January, 2022 - 14:20
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Mahasraddha writes: You may be aware from the news and messages from the key Triratna charities operating in India (Karuna, FutureDharma Fund and The Abhayaratna Trust), that the past few weeks have seen major changes affecting the NGO sector in India. More than 150 large Indian charities, including at least one of our Triratna Trusts, have had their permission to receive foreign funding revoked by the Indian Government.

The changes affect transfers to Indian charities. Because of the remit of The Abhayaratna Trust – to provide help to individual Order Members in hardship, our work in India will be affected very little by the Indian Government changes.

Many of you gave to the Trust’s Emergency India Covid Appeal last year, and we  continue to get donated money to Order Members there who, along with their families, are in desperate hardship as a result of the pandemic. We continue also to support Order members in India to attend retreats.

Working closely with the Order Convenors in India, we are developing projects identified as priority areas, including helping Order Members re-establish livelihoods lost as a result of the pandemic. Funding to these projects will also not be affected by the recent changes to overseas funding to India.

So, please be assured that the money you gave to the Abhayaratna Trust’s 2021 India COVID Emergency Fund will continue to bring relief to Order Members and their families badly affected by the pandemic; the Indian Order remains incredibly grateful for the solidarity shown by fellow Order members who responded so magnificently to help them. 


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