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Rejoicing in Shantiprabha as he retires from the Trust

On Tue, 26 May, 2020 - 12:15
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Shantiprabha, who has been there from the start of the AbhayaratnaTrust, a founder member is retiring and passing on his current role as bookkeeper to Utpalavajri. Taradakini and Mahasraddha have this to say about their time with him as part of the Abhayaratna Trust team.

“Shantiprabha is a very kind man who cares about the welfare of individual Order members. He’s been able to express this repeatedly and admirably in the past 12 years with the Trust. Without him the Trust may have dwindled rather than developed. I rejoice in his great good heart. “ (Taradakini)

“Shantiprabha has been involved with The Abhayaratna Trust since its inception over 10 years ago. In that time, he has taken on various roles in it, including being a Trustee, being the Chair of the Trust and being its Bookkeeper. He clearly has a love of the Trust and, by extension, a love of the Order and its individual and collective well being. Shantiprabha is an intelligent, thoughtful and caring person who sees detail as well as the bigger picture and longer term perspective. Since becoming director of the Abhayaratna Trust just over 2 years ago, I have witnessed, directly or by word of mouth, the enormous commitment and contributions that Shantiprabha has made to the Trust over the years and, as I say, by extension, to the Order. I will miss him.” (Mahasraddha; Director)

All of the team at Abhayaratna Trust wish him well with whatever he will do in the future.

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