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On Tue, 18 June, 2013 - 14:21
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We have just heard about the new books and CD being published on the second anniversay of Manjusvara’s death - a Buddhist detective novel called The Deal Runner, a new selection of his poetry called called Lost and Found (both from, and the CD version of Lost and Found (available from Achintya via his email below).

These well produced publications have been put together by his friends and, in accord with Manjusvara’s wishes, all proceeds after production costs will go the The Abhayaratna Trust, to help Order members experiencing financial hardship.

Windhorse has also re-published Manjusvara’s two books, The Poet’s Way and Writing Your Way. Do let people know about these. Achintya says it was one of Manjusvara’s wishes that his writing be ‘put out there in the event of anything happening to me’.

achintyabarry [at]

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