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Interested in volunteering with us? Become a 'Just ask' or 'Just Give' representative

On Tue, 21 June, 2016 - 14:12
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An Invitation to Get Involved

Would you like to get involved in helping a Triratna charity? We are seeking Mitras and Order members to help us create connections with local centres. Become a ‘Just Ask’ or a ‘Just Give’ representative, and help the Abhayaratna Trust to continue providing support for Triratna Buddhist Order members in need of support.

‘Just Ask’ Representative

A ‘Just Ask’ representative is the bridge between local Order members and the Abhayaratna Trust. As someone involved with the local Sangha you may be aware of Order members in financial difficulties or, if an Order member would like to make an application to the Abhayaratna Trust, then you might be involved in encouraging them to do so.

Ideally you would help to share what we do with local Order members through giving our leaflets to chapters, once or twice a year, or perhaps giving a short presentation at a regional Order event. If you are an Order member and like the sound of being an Abhayaratna Trust ‘Just Ask’ Representative then please get in touch:jinavamsa [at] (subject: Getting%20involved%20) ( )

‘Just Give’ Representative

An Abhayaratna Trust ‘Just Give’ representative is someone who helps create a link between the Abhayaratna Trust and local centres, and who we can coordinate with if for example we have a new fundraising initiative. You wouldn’t have to be involved directly in fundraising,but as a local contact we would love to let you know what we are doing to support the Order and encourage people at your local Sangha to get involved. You might for example put up a poster in your local centre and giving out leaflets to your chapter/GFR group/study group. If you are a Mitra or Order member who would like to help us create connections with your local Sangha, then please get in touch: jinavamsa [at] (subject: Getting%20involved%20)

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