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On Thu, 4 November, 2021 - 15:28
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Utpalavajri explains why we need your help; click here

Fundraising for the Order in India during Covid; setting up local care networks; giving grants worldwide for Order members with insufficient resources to meet basic living costs; investigating mental wellbeing in the Order… these are just some of the projects that The Abhayaratna Trust team takes on to benefit the Triratna Order.

If you have donated £50 for example, to one of our Appeals, all that £50 goes to the appeal individual or cause. We don’t keep a percentage for our ‘running costs’, other than any gift aid we can collect if we go over an appeal’s target.
So we rely on regular monthly donations to enable us to run the Trust and support the team.

You have seen what we can do, and we would like to do so much more with your support. Will you help us to further develop care and grant programmes for our Order sangha, so that no-one is left by the wayside when they encounter a financial or health difficulty or crisis?

Please give £10 a month, or the equivalent in your currency. You can support us for as long as you wish, such as 24 or 36 months. Click here to donate now.

If donating from outside UK; Go to Paypal site and donate to our Paypal account finance [at]

Thank you.

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