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Five myths about the Abhayaratna Trust

On Wed, 16 October, 2019 - 16:25
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1. That we have central funding from the movement to support Order members; 

       We don’t! We’re a separate charity solely relying on your individual donations to help care for individual Order members needing support. We don’t fund institutions or Dharma projects.

2. That we are here to help elderly Order members only; 

   Not so! We’re here for Order members of any age who request support. If it appears otherwise, that’s because when we started 11 years ago we imagined it would only be elderly or retired Order members who needed support, but we’ve found there’s a need across all age groups - and we respond to that.

3. That we only help Order members in the UK

       The Trust gives grants and runs appeals for Triratna Order members worldwide. 

4  That the grants we give go to those who have held responsible roles in the Order;

       We make grants to any Order member in need, through redundancy or illness for example, having assessed that they are in financial hardship; it is not some sort of reward system for long service to the Order! 

5 That grants are only given to go on retreat;

       No! Abhayaratna Trust helps people with urgent living and medical costs for example, as well as funding places on Order Conventions and Gatherings, solitaries and retreats. We are even experimenting with a local care network.

Want to know anything else about us? Contact me, jinavamsa [at]

If you want to apply for a grant, email taradakini [at]

And you can always donate here.

Thanks for your continuing support.

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