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Applying to the Trust for a grant

On Fri, 22 June, 2012 - 12:38
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The Abhayaratna Trust provides funding to Order Members from the Triratna Buddhist Order who find themselves in need of financial support or assistance.

Thank you for considering applying to the Trust for help. We know it isn’t always easy to ask. The application forms below have been developed to help us process your request. Please fill this in and email it to info @ or post to the Secretary (address on the form). You can also ask the Secretary to print out and post a form to you.
Before filling in the form you may find it helpful to contact us to help clarify your request and check whether your request fits within the Trust’s purposes.

Applying on behalf of a friend
Many Order Members may not think of applying for funds for themselves, but a close friend may see their need and be able to apply on their behalf. Sometimes an Order member needs a substantial sum raised in a short time, and friends take on the task of fundraising to help them. The Trust can help to process donations for an individual fundraising appeal, provided the purpose fits within the Trust’s object. Administering donations via the Trust has the advantage of allowing tax efficient giving, and avoids processing donations via a friend’s bank account. It is important that the Trust receives a statement from the potential beneficiary that they are happy for you to apply on their behalf, and that they do want what is being requested.

The Trust would like to support projects which help a number of Order members such as housing, a Buddhist Hospice, care homes and burial grounds.

Please write to us with your ideas and plans, and consider helping to make it happen. The application form for individual needs can be used to supply all your personal details.

When applying for a project, please supply a letter of support from one or more Order Members and include information about:

- the need which the project going to fulfill
- a description of the project, including timescale and costings
- other sources of support for the project
- who is going to benefit and how, giving as much evidence as you can.

Project applications
Fill in the application form and also give:

- a full description and costing of the project,
- details of other fundraising and donors,
- details of the need and the anticipated benefits of the project,
- include some thought about longer term benefits if the current beneficiaries move on.

Funding allocation meetings
There are four funding allocation meetings planned each year - a notice is placed in Shabda and via the Order Information email service giving the application dates.
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