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The Abhayaratna Trust 200 Appeal

On Thu, 24 December, 2020 - 12:51
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Why give regularly to The Abhayaratna Trust? 
Because we fill a gap that other charities don’t. We give modest grants to individual Order members, wherever they are in the world, for their personal support during times of financial difficulty. We cover heating bills, relocation costs, travel to Order Gatherings, help with dental and medical costs where there is no national health service or insurance, meeting unexpected emergencies such as during Covid-19, accessing therapies to support Order members’ mental health and more.
You may have seen our Order-wide appeals for a specific Order member. However, most of our work is confidential and therefore invisible..

We have made 199 grants so far this year to individual Order members. To continue doing what we do, we require a much broader base of regular support. Last month we launched an appeal for 200 additional sangha members to give £10 a month or £120 a year.
Can you help us by giving just £10 a month?
You won’t see big success stories on our pages but trust us, there will be many relieved and grateful Order members around the world who will feel your support. Indeed most of them say it isn’t just the money they appreciate; they feel cared for by the Order. They know that your donations make our work possible.
You can swiftly set up a UK Direct Debit or regular PayPal payment here; or email jinavamsa [at] for other ways to give.

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