Welcome to Help Las Venezuelanas Go to Mexico

In March 2015 I visited Venezuela for the first time.  I was deeply moved to meet the 6 women there who have asked to enter the Triratna Buddhist Order. They practice with very little input, have only met two dharmacharinis so far (myself and Jñanadakini) and yet have felt moved to practice within our community. 

Jñanadakini has visited again and I will visit again next year but it would be wonderful for these women to attend a retreat in Mexico where they would meet other mitras training to enter the Order as well as meeting a number of other dharmacharinis. This would give such a boost to their practice and to their inspiration.

The economic and political situation in Venuzuela is very difficult. There is no way these women could afford to travel and attend the retreat. it would mean so much to them - and to me - if we could help them make that trip.

Please help me to raise the money to help them. You can make your donation directly here

Here is a link on facebook to their stories (currently in Spanish but I will add them in English when I translate them): https://www.facebook.com/groups/354404684915057/