Bhaja Cave

Solitary Retreat

On Thu, 25 February, 2021 - 19:17
Saddhammapradip's picture

As fewer physical retreat Saddhamma Pradeep Retreat center very well use for solitary, especially women are taking more benefits. Name From Dates Tenure Dh.Ratnashila 1-Dec-20 46 Days Santosh Ahire 3-Dec-20 10 Days Rupendra Das 15-Dec-20 7 days Dh. Dnayanpar 5-Jan-21 10 Days Savita More 5-Jan-21 10 Days Jyoti Nandedkar 17-Jan-21 7 days Dh. Anantmitra 17-Jan-2110 Days Dh. Tejovajra 26-Jan-21 30 Days Dhni. Utpala 17-Jan-21 7 days Dhni. Shantishri 17-Jan-21 12 Days Dhni. Shantida 4-Feb-21 6 Days Vandana Nakalgaonkar 5-Feb-21 10 Days Malti Dhanvij 5-Feb-21 10 Days Surekha Jagtap Dhni. Vajradharini Rejoice in merits of every one for deeping their Spiritual practice in this uncertain time.

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