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Dh Chandrashil Fifth Talk - 26rd Sept 2020

On Fri, 2 October, 2020 - 18:53
Saddhammapradip's picture

Fifth and last talk in series of online retreat for Order members given on 26th Sept 2020. In this talk Dh. Chanrashil speak about Kalyana mitrata. It was good to end the series with positive note about Mitrata. 

Really it is Mitrata which keep Sangha alive. Mitrata is life blood of Sangha. We should have condition for mitrata to flourish it, for example community. Its take effort to establish, to maintain and to have continuity without personal presence.. 

Feel great Gratitude for Dh. Chandrashil for taking initiative in uncertain time and keeping retreat center alive in Order Members memories. Also thanks to Dh. Mahastambha for hosting talk as well Dh. Abhayraja, Dh. Varprabha, Dh. Achaldhamma and Dh. Mitroday for introduction of Dh.Chandrashil on each day. As well Order office whole team to support online event.

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