Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha, Nagpur (North)

General Retreat 22 to 26 Oct. took place

On Tue, 4 November, 2014 - 09:49
tejadhamma's picture
TBM Mahendranagar Nagpur organized general retreat on 22 to 26 Oct. in Diwali vacassion for beginers. This retreat led by Tejadhamma & supported by 13-14 order members to lead discussion groups on 5 positive factor (Shraddha, Virya, Smruti, Samathi and Prajna) for 275 participants.
Meditation, Group Discussions,Communication exercise, worship, group songs and verious activities run in this retreat. Urgyen Sangharakshita’s visit to India and particularly Nagpur visit shown on projector to the participants.
There was special arrangement for the participated 70 children. This retreat had cultural events, dinner together etc.
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