India Dhamma Trust:

Trustee's Meeting for the IDT

On Mon, 7 April, 2014 - 18:44
vajratara's picture
We have just had a fantastic trustee’s meeting. Headlines:
☞ Subhuti has recently returned from a visit to India where he has been deepening Dhamma practice in the Order thereby broadening out the base from which more Order support can be given to more mitras.
☞ The Ordination teams in India have been busy running regular events where the teams support both local and outlying mitras - sometimes journeying great distances to do so - as well as ongoing mitra and GFR mitra retreats which continue to be well attended.
☞ Our Indian fundraising team are hoping to match the fundraising from the IDT over the next two years.
☞ Amalavajra and Amrutdeep are just about to embark on an awareness raising tour inspiring European Sanghas with a look at our Movement in India.
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