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Inspired by Ambedkar - Sangharakshita's perpective

On Sun, 20 March, 2016 - 17:20
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Vajratara presents the work of Dr Ambedkar from a new angle - looking at how he inspired Sangharakshitas life and work.

There is an alchemy that happens when the inspiration of the Buddha, Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita come together.

Dr Ambedkar showed how change can be achieved by spiritual means. He demonstrated how the Dhamma can be force for the transformation of society, inspiring Sangharakshita’s own Dharma Revolution in the West.

More than his work, Dr Ambedkar’s energy and strong feeling, and the emotions of his followers, closely matched Sangharakshita’s own feelings for the Dharma.

This furthered Sangharakshita’s understanding that Buddhists are united by Going for Refuge, not lifestyle.

Talk given at the UK and Ireland Order Weekend for Dharmacharinis, Adhisthana December 2015

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