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India Dhamma Trust on tour with the Indian Public Preceptors

On Sun, 29 November, 2015 - 15:40
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The Indian Public Preceptors continue their tour with the IDT.  In this clip they visit the house of Dr Ambedkar where he lived from 1921 - 1922.  Dr Ambedkar has a great significance for not only Indians, freeing many people from the horrors of caste discrimination, but also for Buddhists all over the world.  The India Dhamma Trust supports the Indian Order Members to spread his positive message in India and beyond.  We believe this will impact both Indian society and the practice of modern Buddhism to transform the world we live in.  Watch out for more from the IDT on what the message of Dr Ambedkar is for everyone..

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Wonderful to hear what you had to say standing on the steps leading to dr. Ambedkar’s house where he lived just over two decades ago.

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Yashosagar was a little overcome with emotions and got his dates muddled!  He said Dr Ambedkar lived there 1991-1992, but it was in fact 1921-1922. Coming up for 100 years.  Next year it is 60 years since the mass conversions and Dr Ambedkar’s 125th birthday.  We plan to celebrate…