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Bodhgaya International Retreat 2016

On Thu, 12 November, 2015 - 12:36
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At the Feet of the Buddha
31st January - 7th February 2016

International Order Retreat at Bodhgaya.

This unique retreat follows the very successful one held earlier this year when 200 Order members from India and the West met to practice together at the feet of the Buddha.

Skilfully led by Subhuti, the retreat structure involves spending the day practising together at the Three Jewels Centre and each evening we go to the Mahabodhi temple to sit at the Buddha’s feet in meditation and puja. 
With focus on our collective activities and consciously removing distraction, we can have as intensive and uplifting an experience as we would at a country retreat centre - more so, because we will be in the presence of the Bodhi Tree.

“Practising intensively with Indian Order members on the very ground of the Buddha helped me to make a real breakthrough in confidence in the Dharma.”           Amalavajra

Accommodation is in comfortable neighbouring viharas and guest houses. All meals are freshly cooked by our special caterers and served at the Three Jewels Centre.

Pilgrimages before and after the retreat: Bodhgaya is centrally located to some of the Buddhist ‘main sites’ including Rajgir and Vulture’s Peak, Sarnath, Kushinagar and Nalanda. Short pilgrimages can be arranged by experienced guides or you can hire vehicles for self-guided day tours. 

Bookings and cost: The full cost of the retreat will be £180 including accommodation and all meals.
Email me at  carunalaka [at] (subject: Bodhgaya%20Retreat%202016, body: Please%20send%20me%20a%20booking%20form%20for%20this%20retreat.)   and I can send you a booking form plus details of our pilgrimage organisers.

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