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Who runs BAM?

On Mon, 20 April, 2015 - 16:38
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You do!

But, more helpfully…

BAM is an initiative of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK (NBO), who have asked a small team of young Buddhists to provide central information online via the NBO website and a central BAM Facebook page. 

But the great thing about BAM is that it’s largely self-organising, and any Buddhist tradition can get involved, using whatever approach fits the emphases and ethos of that particular tradition.

Around Triratna Centres in the UK and Ireland (and one or two in mainland Europe) a number of local volunteer BAM co-ordinators will champion BAM in their own sanghas. To keep them lightly co-ordinated, supported and inspired, central communications work is provided by Candradasa and his team at The Buddhist Centre Online, and by the Development Team employed by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA).

We’ll be posting here regularly, and reposting this material to Triratna’s main Facebook page, and to The Buddhist Centre Online’s own Facebook page.

The Development Team (see slideshow above) consists of 

  • Nandavajra (team leader)
  • Amalavajra (fundraiser)
  • Singhamati (young people’s co-ordinator)
  • and Munisha (communications and liaison with other Buddhists).

Mokshini (outgoing Chair of Brighton Buddhist Centre) will be joining the team in the autumn but is already working with us on preparations for BAM.

Together we’re inspired by BAM’s potential to make connections between our ethical commitment as Buddhists and the needs of our society and our environment. We also want to help raise the profile of Buddhist atruistic activity in UK and European society. It’s not all meditation!

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