Buddhist Action Month 2016

Thames Valley Triratna in Reading - what we did!

On Fri, 1 July, 2016 - 11:05
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In our program to deliver practical actions in line with the Buddhist precepts and as part of Buddhist Action month we;

Have donated the Dana bowl each week to a charity chosen by the Sangha. So far we have donated

£40 to the Green Tara Trust operating in Nepal

£50 to WaterAid providing access to clean water in deprived parts of the world

£50 to Addington School for special children to help to give two boys a day out to remember as they leave the school. Cathy works at this school with children with autism and other special needs and she will be organizing the day out.

£50 to the Samaritans for the amazing work they do for people in distress.

We held a ‘Soup & Sangha’ event on Sunday the 26th with a teaching from Ratnaprabha from the West London Buddhist centre and from which we raised £40 for the Karuna appeal.

Mick went litter picking in his street, Stuart donated food to the local food bank. Mick George and Eduardo have been cycling more.

Cathy went vegan.

Stuart distributed materials for Amnesty International and has engaged with a number of local charities and the local organic food Co-op.

Loose change was given to the Dana bowl by everyone.

Our meditation each week was around some aspect of the metta bhavana choosing groups near and far for our focus.

And a lot, lot more!

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