Buddhist Action Month 2016


On Fri, 10 June, 2016 - 15:52
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Here are some of the initiatives Taraloka is kicking off with this month of BAM:

1) John West Tuna unsustainable fishing Protest at Sainsburys, Whitchurch on Tuesday 7th June: It will be a peaceful protest for 2hrs which will include meditation and rejoicing in Sainsburys as well. 

2) No internet in the house from 6pm to 8.30am between Wednesday 8th June and 15th June.  Let’s see what impact this has on the community in terms of social connection and our state of minds…….not to mention reducing the constant use of energy that is needed to have Wifi on!

3) Street meditation in Shrewsbury town centre – planning with Shrewsbury Sangha for September.  Not only will this build on our relationship with our nearest Sangha but also, hopefully, ignite the interest of the local people.

4) Green gym month (low cost and low carbon fuel ways to keep fit). As a community we are: Skipping, cycling, hula hooping, barefoot walking, wild water swimming, gardening and running.

5) Developing a Picking Patch at Taraloka – Flower beds where retreat leaders are will be welcomed to pick their own flowers instead of buying (usually) imported or/and out of season flowers.

I will post in further blogs in the next couple of weeks to let you know how we are getting on.  

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