Buddhist Action month - June 2014

Switch your search engine

On Sun, 1 June, 2014 - 10:53
Maitrisara's picture
  • A very quick, easy thing to do and to encourage friends and Sangha members to do. Switch your internet search engine to Ecosia http://www.ecosia.org who plant trees with a proportion of their profits. You can set Ecosia as your default page (under preferences) and there is an app too. It all works perfectly well, I’ve been using it for several months now.

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Munisha's picture
Great, thank you! Just done it. Now, who else will? It was very simple.

x Munisha
Candradasa's picture
Ok, Dharmachakra has changed its default search engine on all browsers. Thanks, Maitrisara…

If you need help doing this, see Ecosia’s browser support page.
Theresa's picture
Wonderful I’ve done it at home, shared it and will change the search engine at Hidden Gems (TBRL in Croydon) too!
Dharmasri's picture
I’ve been using Ecosia for months now. It might worth bearing in mind that the profits/trees only come from when we click on their flagged “Eco-links” to a page and then buy something from that site, rather than just using Ecosia to search for information…
Munisha's picture
Are you sure, Dharmasri? It says they’ve planted 46 trees with my help since last week and I haven’t bought anything. x M