Buddhist Action Month 2016

some more reflections on Buddhism and its place in the current world

On Sun, 6 November, 2016 - 18:38
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If you enjoyed the talk by David Loy ‘A Crisis for Buddhism?’ you might well appreciate this short article where he continues on some of the themes: Buddhism must awaken to the ecological crisis 

Here’s a taster: 

As we begin to awaken and realise that we are not separate from each other or from the earth, we also begin to see that the ways we live together and relate to our environment also need to be reconstructed in order to become more sustainable and socially just.

Buddhism provides a wonderful archetype that can bring individual and social transformation together: the bodhisattva. Bodhisattvas have a double practice – as they deconstruct and reconstruct themselves, they also work for social and ecological change. Actually, these are two sides of the same practice. As we start to see through the delusion of our separateness, our self-preoccupied habits don’t suddenly disappear. We need to develop less self-centred and more compassionate ways of living in the world, but how do we do that? By devoting ourselves to the well-being of others, including the health of the earth’s ecosystems. Such concerns are not distractions from our personal practice but deeper manifestations of it.”

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