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Screening 'Planetary' at the LBC

On Wed, 10 June, 2015 - 10:23
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This is a time when humanity has to grow up, cease its endless conflicts and set aside its foolish indulgences to deal with a changing world, to deal with the new world, to deal with a world their ancestors rarely ever had to content with, to face a new and arising set of circumstances that will challenge the intention, the integrity and the will to live.

I went to watch ‘Planetary’ at the LBC on Saturday night. It was made by some firends of a Mitra here in the sangha who gave a wee introduction to the film and why they made it. It was good. Visually stunning etc. etc., including the ever-necessary timelapse footage of that zebra crossing in Tokyo, sunsets over the Empire State Building, various grand canyons and the like; imperative to a film of this sort. But more than this it contained a fairly solid, explicitly Buddhist and positive narrative around understanding the parlous situation life on earth is facing, what we can do about it and even a bit of how. Recommendado.  

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Nice commentary, Singhamanas. We’re showing a special screening of it at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre this Saturday as part of BAM! too. The director was recenlty in town for DocFest, and contacted one of our mitras who is a Breathworks teacher if she would run a meditation after the screening there. The screening at the Centre will lead to good discussions, I’m sure!!