Buddhist Action Month 2016

SAVING THE EARTH Course in Istanbul

On Fri, 3 June, 2016 - 14:25
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One of the things I’m doing for Buddhist Action Month is offering a free 7 week meditation & Buddhism course called, “SAVING THE EARTH” based on Akuppa’s book. It started yesterday evening and I think it’s the largest (or joint largest) Buddhism course I’ve ever led here in Istanbul: 15 people are on the course :)

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The course sounds great! If you have time, can you share (briefly) what you are covering each week or share a course outline so perhaps other centres/groups can use the material as well? Hope it goes really well, do let us know! 

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Hello Mokshini,

I now have intentions and a vision for this type of course within Triratna centres across the world…For now, I’ll just give this course, gain experience etc. then share the course outline etc. Then encourage others to give the same/similar course in their centres….in theory it shouldn’t be too difficult…it just takes one (sufficiently) interested & inspired Order member and in some situations maybe a Mitra to give the course.

Watch this space.

This evening is week 2..

Kind wishes