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Sangha Hike in the Wicklow Mountains

On Thu, 2 July, 2015 - 16:18
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Report by Adam Dinan about the Sangha hike in Wicklow that was organised by Vajrashura as  part Buddhist Action Month as a way of reconnecting with nature and reminding us of why cherishing environmental sustainability is so important:-

On Saturday the 27th of June, a group of approximately 20 intrepid hikers from across Ireland gathered in the small hillside town of Laragh, Co. Wicklow for a much-anticipated Sangha Hike organised as part of Buddhist Action Month. The aim of the event was to allow those involved to connect more deeply with nature and with one another in scenic surroundings, and despite the onset of some early dark skies and mid-morning mist, the group was in very good spirits.

After a brief stop to re-fuel and (in some cases) re-caffeinate, the group set off up Mullaghcleevaun East, high in the Wicklow mountains. The route took the hikers up an ascent from the south side of the mountain which was rapid and steep, and certainly tested the fitness levels of those involved - including two very large and furry four-legged friends. Luckily, as the morning progressed, those ominous-looking grey skies passed over without much incident and even gave way to some brief glimpses of sunshine.

The quick ascent also meant some spectacular views and an extended recovery period, as the remainder of the hike was considerably less demanding. In fact, the day was calm enough to allow the group to stop for lunch atop the 2,700-foot peak, before continuing on across the valley to the much-vaunted ‘Heart Shaped Lake’ (officially known as Lough Ouler), which did not disappoint… not least because it could be enjoyed with the help of some sugary treats that a few members had the foresight to carry with them and the generosity to share.

The day ended with a relaxed stroll down the gentle slopes of Tonelagee, set to the calming backdrop of water streaming down alongside. After much deliberations, and the convening of many committees and sub-committees, it was decided that chips (CHIPS!) loaded with salt and vinegar were in order, and the group duly rendezvoused at the Village Takeaway in Roundwood for the perfect ending to a hugely successful and enjoyable day.

For more photos check out Green Dharma Dublin’s facebook page here

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