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My BAM month-Dayasara

On Fri, 19 June, 2015 - 19:41
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My Mum died on June 5th-lots of emotion, of course, but Mum’s health had been deteriorating since she had a fall at the end of March and a stroke a week later-we’ve got a family-led funeral on June 29th. Entirely unexpected was what happened on June 2nd, when I set off to Cambridge to contribute to the Centre’s Introduction to BAM evening, had a brain haemorrhage whilst driving on the A14 and had 4 nights excellent care in the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds. I seem to have made a good recovery and I’m just starting some ‘re-visioning’ of my life. I’m still keen to take forward a number of aspects of care-related work projects that are based on Buddhist values, and think Cambridge has definite possibilities in this regard. Also I’d recommend the Alzheimer’s Society intiatives towards developing Dementia Friends and Champions, and hope to do more work in this field in the future. As with all such things, it’s a matter of pacing myself and using my energy wisely…easier said than done but I’m getting good support from friends.

It’s not been the BAM month I’d expected, but things have been active at the Ipswich Centre and I was pleased to get to Amalaketu’s excellent presentation last night on Environmental Sustainability etc. Also whilst in hospital I enjoyed reading Vaddhaka’s ”The Buddha on Wall Street”. And I’m going to be lots more environmentally senstitve as I assuredly won’t be driving again for some time (if I ever do). So certainly a BAM to remember! Love and Metta-Dayasara 

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