Buddhist Action Month 2016

Last but not least! How to become trainee bodhisattva, by Khemasuri

On Sat, 25 June, 2016 - 20:39
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For Buddhist Action Month 2016 we asked our friends from around the world to say what the Bodhisattva Ideal means to them…

Here’s Khemasuri, who suggests to the extent we practise the dharma we are all trainee bodhisattvas, and as part of that we’ll ’remember that all our actions have consequences and that we can always be agents for positive change”. In her talk she explores how we can be be positive agents for changing the world - she has some good quotes from Sangharakshita too, which seem quite pertinent at present,

’’ We are sorry that others suffer, but at least we can enjoy our own lives’

But then he says very clearly…..‘However, my view is that such an attitude of withdrawal from public concerns into purely personal ones is one that is not worthy of a human being. It represents an abdication of responsibility’’.

More at thebuddhistcentre.com/bam - get involved!

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Thank you Khemasuri! I enjoyed and appreciated this little talk very much. Sometimes we can forget or miss how radical the Dharma is, and how revolutionary Bhante is too! xx

i want to join Buddhism .guide me.
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“To live a life of cosmic significance”… sign me up! Great talk, Khemasuri. I look forward to reflecting on this more closely with you and Earth Metta Sangha in October.