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Karuna's BAM appeals raise £1400 monthly for India

On Tue, 30 June, 2015 - 15:06
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Here’s a final update for BAM from Triratna’s two Karuna Appeal teams .  For the whole month of June the eight of us have been out on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh knocking on people’s doors inviting them to become regular contributors to Karuna’s work with Dalit communities in India. Between us we’ve recruited over 100 new supporters and an amazing £1400 in new monthly contributions. Karuna’s supporters tend to be very loyal, and that should therefore turn into £85,000 over the next five years - wow!  And there’s still two weeks to go…

It’s not just been a fundraising exercise either - Karuna appeals are much more like a retreat, with meditation daily, Dharma study, puja, community meetings, Tai Chi, shared meals - and a lot of personal transformation as we absorb all the lessons our meetings on the doors offer us every night. Karuna’s motto is ‘Compassion in Action’ and the appeals exemplify that perfectly.

It’s been great to be part of BAM and watch everything unfolding around the Buddhist community in the UK and beyond, let’s make sure we keep the momentum going as June ends and we move ‘Beyond BAM‘…   On that note, Karuna runs around six appeals every year, if you’re interested to take part then check the Karuna Appeals Facebook page or info [at] (contact the Karuna office direct).

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