Buddhist Action Month 2016

Guhyapati: On Inner And Outer Transformation

On Wed, 15 June, 2016 - 04:00
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For Buddhist Action Month 2016 we asked our friends from around the world to say what the Bodhisattva Ideal means to them…

Guhyapati has been spearheading a pioneering Eco-Dharma community in the Pyrenees for many years, and wants to see some of the principles of that movement brought to bear in our own lives of practice, giving rise to new projects that will re-shape the personal, economic, political and ecological landscape of the 21st Century.

More at thebuddhistcentre.com/bam - get involved!

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Great talk Guhyapati :) More and more I feel that Dharma practice should, to use that word, have a definite social & ecological expression.

With respect


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Great talk, thanks Guhyapati! 

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Thanks, Guyapati, you make it sound so real. Can’t wait to come to Eco-Dharma…